Feel Fabulous With These 5 Fantastic Supplements

You are a strong and confident woman. Whether you are committed to climbing that corporate ladder, nurturing a gorgeous growing family, building your brand from the bottom-up, or traveling the world in search of adventure -  odds are you need a little nutritional support to ensure you are performing at your best. Keeping up with health trends can be tough, but luckily there are resources like Authority Health that are here to help you out with everything from researched-backed articles to current product reviews.

There is an array of options available on the market, and despite the classic quality multivitamin, it can be confusing to decide which supplements should be included in your health care routine. After careful consideration, the following 5 supplements have been chosen to ensure feelings of ‘fabulousity’ as you dominate your to-do list.

1. ACE Those Antioxidant Vitamins

If you are looking for protection against the aging and harmful effects that oxidative damage has on your skin and organs - be sure to include these vital vitamins. Known as part of the 13 essential vitamins for optimal bodily functioning, these antioxidants have the following benefits:

  • Vitamin A - supports the healthy synthesis and maintenance of skin, teeth, bones, soft tissue, hair, and nails. It is also known to prevent bacterial and viral infections.

  • Vitamin C - promotes healthy teeth and gums as well as effective healing of wounds. It also promotes the absorption of iron and protects the health of all bodily cells.

  • Vitamin E - protects the body from cell damage and supports muscle repair. It also reduces wrinkles, heals scars, and prevents blood clots.

From supported immune system to radiant skin - by having these vitamins in your arsenal, you will be sure to ace anything that the world may throw your way!

2. Iron Woman

Iron is a key ingredient used to develop blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. It ensures the healthy functioning of many important bodily processes; as well as improves cognitive function, fights fatigue and more! Iron supplements are included in this list as women tend to lose most of their body’s iron content on a monthly basis during menstruation. Don’t let the feelings of dizziness, general fatigue, and anemia hold you back - become an iron woman and soldier on!

3. OMG, Omega 3  

This fatty acid is needed by your body, yet cannot be independently produced by it. Omega 3 is known to support optimal health for the immune system, heart, and brain; relieving the effects of depression, anxiety, diabetes, arthritis, and eye disorders. This supplement also offers additional benefits for women - such as relieving the pain associated with menstrual cramps and PMS, while promoting supple skin and luscious locks. Omega 3 will have you feeling so great, your girlfriends will gasp when you tell them the secrets of this super supplement!

4. Keep Calm, Take Calcium

Over and above the effective functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves; calcium supports bone growth, balances blood pressure, and maintains healthy alkaline levels in the body. Calcium is included in this list because it has been known to prevent the onset of Osteoporosis - a condition that results in decreased bone density and effects many women later on in life. Don’t let this mineral deficiency make you fragile - keep calm and take Calcium.

5. Maca Me Crazy

This superfood is so supreme, it was used as an ancient form of currency. Ground up from a Peruvian root into a nutrient-rich powder, Maca is a phenomenal source of vitamins and minerals that have a bounty of health benefits. It’s primarily used to regulate hormones to a state of homeostasis by nourishing important glands. Other benefits of Maca include reduced severity of headaches and migraines, enhanced immune system, relief of depression, and increased fertility. If this didn’t maca you crazy enough, this superior superfood is also a natural aphrodisiac.

From the antioxidant vitamins preparing you to ace anything that life throws at you - to the strengthening effects of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ with calcium; the gasp-worthy benefits of Omega 3 - to the restorative support of Iron; and not to mention the incredible implications of amazing maca powder. These supplements will be sure to give you the nutrients you need to continue being the wonderful woman that you are. Now go on, make your dreams come true and know that these fabulous 5 supplements have got you covered.

What's your favourite supplement?  Let me know in the comments :)

Xx Laura