Essentials For Your Kitchen [Guest Post]

**Hey lovelies!  This week on the blog, I've been lucky enough to have the amazing Isabel F. William contribute a post to the site.  Isabel is a Body & Mind Balance Blogger with some FANTASTIC insight to share.  I thought this piece might help those of you trying to get on track and quit relying on convenience food and take-out by equipping the 'ol kitchen a bit better!  I hope you find it helpful - I know having these essentials around has been super helpful to my journey**

Whether you’re new at cooking and baking or already a master chef, you probably know the importance of having the right equipment. After all, the last thing you want is to find an amazing recipe, start preparing it, and realize that you don’t have that one tool you need for finishing it. On the other hand, once your kitchen is fully equipped, you will be able to make everything from simple scrambled eggs to complex feasts for the whole family – and you will equally enjoy making both. So, to make your kitchen experience much more effective and fun, here are a couple of things you should have.

Chef’s knife

If you’re used to using your regular knives for cutting, switching to a high-quality chef knife will make a huge difference. Good chef’s knife is heavier, sharper, and much easier to use. Plus, since it can be used for pretty much anything that requires cutting or chopping, you only need one such knife, and it’ll do its job perfectly for years to come. Some of them might be a bit more expensive, but there are many affordable options that are more than capable of satisfying all your cutting needs.

Cutting board

Another cutting-related tool you need is a quality cutting board to go with your new chef’s knife. You’ll be using it almost every day, so you need to have one that is well-designed and durable. It should also be odor-resistant, and you should be able to wash it in your dishwasher. Moreover, there are many cutting boards with interesting designs, and some of them even have measuring units inscribed on them. Such boards would be perfect for you if you love organizing your food and cutting it in even, tiny pieces.


Even though you can drain your (edamame) pasta by using a pot lid, the result is rarely pretty. Somehow, a bit of pasta will always escape, the lid will always slip, and those things can ruin your kitchen experience. So, to prevent such frustrations, get a colander. It drains water easily and perfectly, there are many great designs, and it is much less likely to slip. Colanders are also pretty hard to break, so one can last you for a while. Plus, they are great for washing fruit and veggies, which is one more reason to get one.


This item might require a thicker wallet, but it’s an investment that will last you for a long time. A good mixer provides you with endless baking possibilities, especially if you also get some of the many attachments. You can find many quality KitchenAid appliances, including mixers, and one of them is bound to fit both your needs and your budget. From baking low carb cookies to making the perfect grain free flax bread, you’ll definitely be using it a lot.

Measuring cups

There are many recipes that require specific amounts of this and that, which is why measuring cups are a must in every kitchen. Moreover, there’s a common misconception that you only need one measuring cup for all ingredients. This is far from the truth, as there are specific cups for dry and liquid ingredients. Plus, you’ll often need to measure more than one thing at the same time. So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a recipe right, make sure to get one of the many amazing sets of measuring cups.

Rubber spatula

In the world of cooking and baking, every small piece of delicious food counts, which is why you need a rubber spatula. It can help you scrape off the sides of your bowls and pans, which is great not just for getting all the food out of it but also for easier cleaning afterward. You should have a few spatulas of different sizes and widths, but any silicone rubber spatula will do the job just fine. Also, choose the one-piece spatulas, since they are a bit more sanitary than those with a wooden handle.

Spending time in the kitchen is inevitable (unless you can afford to eat out every day), so why not make that time fun and enjoyable? Equip your kitchen with all the tools you might need, from spatulas to mixers, and there’ll be nothing standing in your way of preparing delicious food. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally spilling half of your pasta down the drain or not getting the recipe right because you can’t measure the ingredients. This way, even if you’ve never been a fan of cooking, you will start to love it in no time.

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