The Surprising Truth When It Comes To 'Shake Diets'

"Hey Laura, can I ask you something?" -- Client

"Of course" -- Me

"Do shake diets ACTUALLY work?  I mean...I know they're ridiculous and painful and I could never do one, but do they ACTUALLY work?  Like if you can stick to them?" -- Client

"Ooooooohhhh this is such a good question" -- Me

This was the exact exchange I had with a client last week, and I'm guessing that if you've lived within the 'diet' world for any amount of time it's something you've wondered too. 

I mean, how great would it be if a magic shake could just solve all of our problems?

Now you most likely know by now that there is no magic anything and it's not that simple BUT do these shakes have a place?  Are they helpful in some cases or not?

My answer is (as always):

"It depends"

There's a way to use shakes which is super helpful to weight loss goals and there are ways to use shakes that will completely sabotage your efforts.

Watch this short video where I break down BOTH sides of a 'shake diet' and let me know in the comments if you've ever tried one :)  Then, take the quiz below to see what might be going wrong in your weight loss efforts.

Xx Laura