My Best Travel Hacks To Stay On Track

Travel...whether it's for a weekend or a full vacation, it has so much potential for food stress and setbacks.

Now, originally this topic was filmed as a Facebook Live and there was so many great questions and conversations.

Then, a few mornings ago, before I'd had my Supercharged Coffee (clearly), I accidentally deleted it.  Ugggghhhhhh....

So, as I sit shotgun on the way to sunny Florida, I figure this is as good a time as any to put all of that information together again for you ;)  

First, let's talk about where we go wrong:

Scenario: You decide (unrealistically) that just because you're going on vacation, the way you eat doesn't have to change.  So off you go with the intention to use willpower to stay away from everything 'bad'.  You last...ohhh.....48 hours watching everyone else eat whatever, whenever.  Finally, you crack, but you crack in a BIG way and before you know it you've had 3 beers, an entire pizza and you're working on some chips & dip.  You feel brutal and then set the intention that you've already completely screwed up so you might as well just keep going.  You'll just start again when you get home.  You're mad at yourself, disappointed in yourself, and binging on that food makes you feel like garbage daily on your vacation.  Not good.

Lesson: Don't set unrealistic expectations.  It's vacation.  You're clearly going to indulge a bit.  There's a little secret that I LOVE to live by.  Today, I want to share it with you.  Ready? goes:

Structure Creates Freedom

I know it sounds like the opposite here but bare with me: when you take the time to set realistic guidelines around something, you take out the unknown.  You create rules, so to speak, of how you want to act and it's much easier to stick with it.  This has worked REALLY well for me when it comes to travel and vacation.  To help you visualize it a little bit, here are a few of the 'rules' I'll be following this week:

  1. I'll stick to my regular breakfast as closely as possible. Sugary, carb loaded breakfasts don't really excite me, and so it's not worth it for me to have a breakfast that is out of the ordinary.  I also know that a good breakfast sets me up for a really good day in terms of energy and just overall feeling great. and that's what I want on vacay.
  2. Snacks are pretty much a no go.  I try my best to eat full meals so I don't need to pick at food throughout the day.  I like sitting down to eat regardless, so this isn't hard to stick to.
  3. Dinners are for indulging.  I LOVE going out for dinner, and I LOVE ordering and eating delicious things.  Dinner on vacay is the fun zone for me, and I make it a rule to order whatever I want.  This way I get to feel like I'm indulging while making decisions that keep me on track the rest of the day.
  4. Cocktails are a-ok as long as they are low sugar/low carb.  I won't have a beer, but a Martini or Red Wine is definitely a GREEN light.

If I stick to those rules, I KNOW that I'm going to start the day right, I'm going to have plenty of opportunities to indulge and not feel like I'm depriving myself, and I'm VERY likely to stick to them. 

I HIGHLY suggest you write out your own personal rules before go go, and to be realistic!

Okay, now that we've gotten mindset out of the way, let's talk about some of my favourite things to travel with:

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.43.46 AM.png

1.  A Steam Free Milk Frother.  This little battery powered beauty mixes up my Supercharged Coffee on the go.  I just add Chocolate Collagen & MCT Powder to a black coffee I grab through a drive through and voila!  I have this brand here, and it runs less than $20 on amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.53.17 AM.png

2.  Snacks!  It's super important to pack allll the 'healthy' snacks that you can for the travel day.  Sometimes there is NOTHING decent to eat on the road.  Avocados are a perfect little travel buddy that are low maintenance, easy to eat on the go (just bring a spoon) and filling.  I try to bring avocados to every hotel I stay at.

3.  Activated Charcoal Powder.  Listen, if you're anything like me, there will be a morning you wake up when you don't feel great.  Either you had one too many cocktails the night before OR you ate a LOT of not so great food.  Either way, FEELING like garbage makes you much likelier to EAT like garbage, so we want to nip that in the bud.  Making my famous 'Detox Lemonade' is the perfect antidote!  Simply add about 1/4 tsp of activated charcoal powder (no will just make the drink an inky black), lemon juice and pink Himalayan salt to water.  The combination will help you to rebalance electrolytes, pull out residual toxins and rehydrate you.  You'll be feeling better in NO time and back to better food decisions ;)

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 9.30.05 AM.png

4.  Probiotics!!  If you're travelling to a different country, odds are the regular old bacteria found there is quite a bit different than what your system is used to, and this can be the cause of some upset stomach/not fun bathroom incidents and just general not feeling well.  I always travel with a good quality shelf stable probiotic so I don't have to worry about refrigeration.  Taking a dose daily before bedtime will be really helpful in keeping the gut bacteria in your system happy and stable.  That means you'll feel a LOT better while travelling AND your immune system will stay strong (super important).

So that's it!  My best travel hacks to keep you on track, feeling great and ready to keep going (NOT start fresh) when you get back :)

So tell you have any travel hacks of your own?

Xx Laura