It's Harder After 50...But Not Impossible

Losing weight after you hit a certain age is HARD.  It is.  There's a point, where what's worked your entire life just stops working the same way.  The scale creeps up.  It's frustrating and it's SCARY-if nothing works anymore are you just stuck?

There's also NO ONE talking about this in the weight loss space.  I was chatting with one of my private clients recently (she's 67) and she's actually the one who pointed this out: she was laughing while she said, "Laura, there's about a billion people speaking to busy moms, a million helping women in their 40's and another million talking to these millennials.  Once you hit 50?  Crickets."

So I looked into it.  And she was RIGHT.  

Well....we're going to change that narrative!  Yes...if you're over 50 (or 43...or 47...or 56...whatever that magic number seems to be for you) you CAN lose weight, and I'm going to start talking about it and I'm also going to show you how.

The truth is, there are 3 main reasons why weight is so much harder to lose after 50.  These reasons are why the 'eating healthy & moving your body' route just doesn't work the same way it did when you were 25.  You need to understand these reasons BEFORE you can make the shifts necessary to see the results you want.

Watch this short video below to understand exactly what's going on so you can lose weight without giving up wine & chocolate EVEN AFTER 50!

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Xx Laura