How To Get Back On Track

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Vacations.  They're so lovely while they're happening aren't they? You get to indulge in all of the treats...sleep in....stay up late....

But when they END and you're stuck feeling tired, unmotivated and bloated it can be really tough to get back on track!

In this week's Blog we're talking about how to 'snap out of' vacation mode and snap into whatever it is you want real life to feel like. 

Watch the video below for the explanation, but here is my top 7 ways to get back on track, hit your goals and feel ah-mazing this year!

  1. Increase water/reduce alcohol ASAP.  A lot of ‘weight’ gained over a holiday is water weight.  Flushing out your system helps get you back on track MUCH faster.

  2. Do a short ‘detox’, and I don't mean a juice cleanser or some kit from the store.  Focus on whole, unprocessed foods for anywhere from 5-7 days.  For the first few help cut inflammation even faster by using smoothies and soups.  Remove the most inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and sugar for the entire process.

  3. Take a break from eating for at LEAST 12 hours every day (say from between 7pm and 7am)...maybe even longer.  Give your digestive system time to recover.  I find this SUPER helpful that day after getting back from any vacation.

  4. Write down why it matters.  Getting back on track cane be really tough.  Figure out WHY it's important to you.  Why do you even want to get back on track?  Write the reasons down on a little piece of paper.  Whenever you feel like going off track, pull out one of the little pieces and read it.  A little motivation goes a LONG way.

  5. Get rid of the crap.  If it’s in the house, you’ll eat it.

  6. Decide.  Decide what you want to eat and what you want to avoid.  Setting clear boundaries helps.  Having a framework helps.  Within structure we create freedom.  

  7. Pick a day.  A firm deadline for getting back on track and start you detox that day.  No exceptions, no matter what comes up.  Because something will always come up.  It will never be the perfect time.  So pick a day and just decide.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Perfection is overrated.  Just start.

That's it!  My top 7 ways to get back on track!  Now for a little more in depth info, check out the video below: