My 'Reset' Smoothie Recipe (+ Why it's So Great)

Reset Smoothie Recipe

Man it's been a gorgeous start to fall where I am!

So gorgeous that it's felt more 'summery' then the entire summer!

Maybe you can relate to this, but the past month has been absolutely INSANE in my world.  Back to school, super busy time here at work (we completely sold out the registration for Faster Fat Loss which was AMAZING, and if you're one of the women who jumped into the program I'm sooooo excited to work with you), travel almost every weekend, you know, real life.

I don't know about you, but when my life gets that insane, self care is the first thing that gets dropped.  It's so hard to plan ahead and cook all of my own meals that I end up not eating ENOUGH (skipping lunch or breakfast), and not sticking with the foods that I know make me feel good the rest of the time.  Coffee goes up, wine goes up, and it's a tough cycle to get out of.

So Monday, I decided I needed to hit the 'reset' button and get back into routine, and I wanted to share with you what that looks like in case you want to do the same.

The 'easy button' for me is a smoothie day (or 3), followed by a jump back into my regular routine.  So Monday I had a high fat/high protein smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I still had my coffee in the morning ('cause coffee) and a small glass of red wine hanging with my hubby after the kids went to bed.  It was't painful and I wasn't starving (because the smoothies had enough fat & protein to keep my blood sugar balanced PLUS enough calories to keep me feeling full and satisfied).  Tuesday morning I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks.  I did the same thing Tuesday and Wednesday, and this morning I'm jumping into my regular routine feeling 1000% better.

In case you want to do the same, here's the recipe for this week's reset smoothie (I just made this particular recipe up Monday, and it was really good!):


  • 1/2 cup frozen berries [low sugar fruit]

  • 3 tbs Collagen Protein (I use Great Lakes Collagen) [protein]

  • 1 scoop greens powder (I use Organifi) [antioxidants/anti inflammatory]

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil [fat]

  • 1 tbsp coconut manna (creamed coconut) [fat & fibre]

  • 2 handfuls spinach [fibre & nutrients]

  • 1.5-2 cups cold water [liquid base]

  • 3 tbsp hemp hearts [omega 3 fats, protein]

  • 1 tbsp chia seeds [omega 3 fats, protein, fibre]


  • Add all ingredients to a high speed blender (I use Vitamix) and voila!

If you need an easy button to get back into a routine (or just to get out of a bad one), give this smoothie day (or 3) a try!  

If you want (need) any more help getting back on track (or on track for the first time) join my free 5 Day Challenge To Quit Carb Cravings below.  We'll spend 5 days making really simple changes that produce really huge results!

Xx Laura