'Failproof Your Fat Loss

'Failproof' Your Fat Loss

Look you guys: it's September.  Officially.  The kids are back to school, the weather is now nicer than it was all summer (of course) and everyone I know is making plans to start a new diet, join a gym or otherwise lose fat and feel better.  Basically?  September is the new January in the health and wellness world.

So I thought it was really fitting to talk about how not to fail at a fat loss program.  Whatever the case may be one of the biggest problems or obstacle to starting is that fear that fear of failure. Right?

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That's a big deal because the number one way to fail is just to not do it, right. And we kind of tend to forget that when we get all wrapped up in things and paralyzed in indecision.

Part of it is that you're so stuck in it that you feel like nothing is ever going to change. Right? Like you can't see the forest for the trees and it literally feels like things will never change.

And it is so de-motivating and it's so hard to want to put yourself out there and actually try something because you're set yourself up to feel that feeling of failure (which is the worst feeling ever). 

Here this: right now at this moment in time you're in it but that does NOT mean that you're not in it forever. That does not mean this is where you're going to be in six months from now.  Things CAN change.  And they do, every single day.

Let me tell you about myself. I probably seem like I have my shit together and I do now (when it comes to food at least). Now I know how to eat and I know how to make that work. BUT, you know that was definitely not the case for me growing up so I can say I was a mess around food. 

When i hit that 16/17 year mark I started to gain weight (because you can't just eat crap like an entire box of kraft dinner after school forever and not see the effects of that unfortunately). So I struggled off and on with my weight honestly from that point until I had my daughter a little over a decade later.

I remember being in it and literally feeling like nothing was ever going to change for me.

I remember putting clothes on and feeling very self-conscious. Every time I got dressed I had to take a really good look at myself from 300 different angles and decide if I looked fat, and then no matter what I'd change my shirt or pants (or both) and try again.  I would buy all these new clothes, convinced that if I found the right thing to wear I would feel confident.  But I wasn't confident, so I would decide I was going on a diet and I would you know I'd I'd go and I'd buy some fat free yogurt.

And I would get up in the morning and skip breakfast, because the whole point was not to eat a lot.  So I would make it through the day with maybe a plain bagel under my belt and that would be it aside from the like 17 Diet Cokes every day.  I would of course feel like garbage by the end of the day or maybe by seven or eight o'clock I'd be so dying for food that I would have the most insane cravings for pizza or wings that I would order a full large pizza and wings and I would eat half of it in one sitting.  If anything I just gained weight over that time period, but that was the only way I knew to lose weight I had to eat less and I knew that the you know to eat less would just mean I had to fight willpower and to fight cravings and all those things.

It obviously didn't work for me and so I was 20 pounds to 30 pounds overweight.  And it just went on and on and I was miserable with my body. But I really fought to hide it, and that struggle just kept on going until it all came to a head when I was pregnant with my daughter Leighton, who's now 5 (and a half).

I gained 68lbs.  And after I had her I could not lose it. It was so hard.  I thought it was eating all the healthy foods quote unquote and clearly it wasn't working.

And I tell the story a lot but it was like seriously my aha moment, where I was getting out of the shower and we were going out somewhere.  It was a Sunday.  Leighton was 6 or 7 months old. My husband had the kids in the kitchen (we were getting ready to go like Home Depot) and when I went in to get dressed I put on a shirt and it was a shirt that I'd worn when I was pregnant when I was like eight or nine months pregnant, and I expected to be super baggy and I put the shirt and it was tight. It looked like it looked when I was nine months pregnant and so I were just staring and just started to cry.

So that inspired me to go back to school for nutrition you know to really work to understand how food works and all of those things, and now my full purpose is to teach women how to lose fat without dieting or without restricting and without giving up the things they love because it's really personal to me.

So if you're reading this and it's resonating with you then I hope that this will help you realize that if I can do it, you can do it too.  I'm not special, and I don't have anything different going on.  I just learned the system. That's it.

So let's talk about 'failproofing' fat loss.

1.  The first thing is following a plan that doesn't make you starve yourself, avoid the things that are really delicious and important to you and make you rely on willpower. So do some research find something that works for you and makes sense logically (I recommend the Lavish Method Faster Fat Loss....just sayin').

2.  So the next thing you have to do, is to really go deep and you have to ask yourself why you want to lose fat. Why do you want to lose weight.  You may start with some surface desires like, "I want to lose weight because I want to fit into my jeans that I haven't worn". Right. So that's a surface desire which is important, but that is never going to fuel you from deep within.  That's never going to actually motivate you to keep going on a tough day. So why does it matter to you if you fit in your jeans? Right.  for every answer you have, ask yourself why does that matter to me, until you get to the point where the answer is, "It just does".  That's a deep seated desire, and that reason will drive you.  It will motivate you.  It's a big frigging deal.  If we can tap into that and you have that reason, you know why. And it's a really big why. Then you have a lot more motivation to even start AND to keep going when it gets tough.

Dig deep.  Figure out why it's important to you. Then start.

3.  You need to pick a time frame and I always say 30 days, and you need to say no matter what I'm going to do this for 30 days. I'm going to stick to this for 30 days.  It's so important to do that because there's always something.  There will be the work thing on Thursday and then you'll have the birthday party on Saturday and so on. You can't kid yourself that there's going to be a perfect time for you to just like jump into a program and have like this whole stretch of no obligations and nothing to do that won't make it slightly difficult. So figure out how you're going to make it work.  I just had a question today in my private client only Facebook Community from a girl who's kicking ass on Faster Fat Loss, and she said you know hey I'm in a wedding this weekend and I'm in charge of the morning. I'm doing mimosas and so how can I keep on track?  So we brainstorm right.  I sent her some screenshots of low sugar sparkling wine that would be a good option and the group kind of chimed in and we came up with a plan. So that's what it is.  Success is figuring out how to make this work in real life, because you're kidding yourself if you think that you're going to have the perfect time to do a diet and then you'll figure out real life after.

And so if you just use those simple things. If you start with your why, if you find a program that's not restrictive, that's science based (ahem...Faster Fat Loss), and if you really just commit to doing it for 30 days then by the time those 30 years are up you're going to feel so great, you're going to have lost weight and probably a fairly significant amount. You are going to feel better and then you're going to want to keep going. Right?

To sum it up?  Change is actually possible.  It will happen for you. Look at me.  If you had told me after I had my daughter and was almost 70 pounds overweight, that in just 5 five years I would be running a full time fat loss program, that I would be a nutritionist who specializes in fat loss with online programs that are full, helping women every day, I would never have believed it.

If I can do it, you can do.  110 percent.

Xx Laura

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