What's The Deal With Ketone Supplements?

ketone supplements and fat loss

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Ketones are what is formed when the body breaks down fat for energy and there are three different types: Acetoacetate, Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid and Acetone.  These are then used by your body for energy when carbohydrates (glucose) are not readily available.  

Exogenous ketones are when you take a supplement containing ketones instead of relying on your body to make them.  They have become extremely popular over the last few years, but because they are so new there isn't a lot of research out there to back up their use. 

Ketone supplements have been all the rage for the last year or so.  They broke out into the market in a big way (think MLM or direct sales) which meant all of a sudden you were getting Facebook messages from people you barely knew, telling you about the amazing new product you just had to try.

Naturally I'm very cautious when it comes to any supplements, especially those sold by direct sales, and when I did a little digging into this company and their product I wasn't really impressed.  Especially when it came to using it for fat loss.  There were fillers and ingredients that I wouldn't want to put in my body on a regular basis.  It was also marketed as a way to gain the benefits of ketones without actually eating low carb.  This means that you would have insulin AND ketones floating around at the same time (they are opposite processes in your body and therefore aren't meant to interact that way IMO).  For those reasons (and a few more), I was pretty against the whole idea of ketone supplements.

Then I started to hear some rumours about a new ketone supplement company. One that wasn't direct sales (AKA you could just buy in retail), that didn't have the fillers or the insane price tag. It was called Perfect Keto, and so after doing a bit more research I decided to order some and try it out so I could see if it was something useful for you!  What follows are my experiences/thoughts after ordering and using Perfect Keto for 2 months.

Here are my experiences/thoughts

  1. First of all it tastes freaking delicious (and I HATE the taste of pretty much all powders/supplements).  I ordered Chocolate Sea Salt and that's exactly what it tastes like.  
  2. A little goes a long way in terms of taste and in terms of effect.  1/2 scoop was perfect for me.  My hubby found 3/4 scoop a good amount for him (yes...I let him try it too.  He's now using it in place of coffee in the morning and loves it).
  3. I liked it best just mixed into water.  I found the flavour was delicious and didn't need to be 'masked'.  I also enjoyed 1/2 scoop mixed into coffee with some collagen protein and coconut oil.
  4. My fave way to use it was in the morning AFTER my Supercharged Coffee on days where I was practicing intermittent fasting.  I would have my coffee as soon as I woke up, then about an hour or two later I would have the ketones in water.  That would usually keep me happy until dinnertime where i would break my fast.

Here are the ways you could use it

  1. Transitioning into keto: if you're going back to keto after getting kicked out of it by eating too many carbs/protein (like maybe on a vacation), this product would make your life a lot easier.  Taking these ketones instead of waiting for your enzymatic systems to catch up and start making enough themselves again will make the transition back a whole lot faster.  In this case 1/2 scoop in water or coffee in the morning for the first few days back would be a good way to use it.
  2. Getting rid of the keto flu: While your body adjusts to running off of fat instead of sugar it can cause some annoying issues like headaches/bloating/lack of energy etc.  By taking exogenous ketones every morning you can help avoid these symptoms while your body catches up.  Use it once a day for the first week or so of a ketogenic diet.
  3. Fasting.  This was the biggest benefit I saw to Perfect Keto.  If you want to incorporate Intermittent Fasting into your life, whether you eat full keto or just HFLC, these ketones give you incredible energy and completely kill cravings, so you can extend your fast longer.  Just a note of caution: don't use it to extend your fast longer than your body is comfortable with or if fasting is triggering to you.
  4. Mental Clarity: I definitely noticed a difference when I had these ketones in the morning vs just coffee.  I was much more 'with it' and felt sharper.  My hubby has been loving it for this.
  5. They are also marketed as a before workout supplement for better energy throughout.  I didn't try that, so I can't comment as to how it felt.

A Few Caution Notes

  1. This is not a magic pill.  If you change nothing about your diet and expect big results you're going to be disappointed and waste money.  If, however, you've decided to try HFLC or a full keto diet, you can benefit from this supplement.
  2. It's not necessary to keto/HFLC diet success.  Let's be very clear: you can absolutely see results just by changing your diet.  You don't NEED this supplement.  It's a nice to have, not a must have.
  3. It's not cheap.  It's less expensive than other brands on the market, but it still runs at just over $3 per serving (US) if you do a full scoop.  If you're going to give these a try I suggest starting at 1/2 scoop and not using them everyday to help control costs.

Click here to check out this product for yourself.  

P.S. If you want to try it for yourself, Perfect Keto has given me a discount code to share with my people.  Use promo code: LAVISHNUTRITION to save 20% on your order.  Pretty sweet, right?!

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So what do you think?  Are you going to try out these supplements or are you happy doing this the old fashion way: with food?

Xx Laura

P.S. The most IMPORTANT thing you need to remember is this supplement does NOT go with a high carb diet & lifestyle.  It's not there to erase lifestyle choices.  Check out my FREE Guide To Low Sugar Wines below so you can stay as low sugar as possible and see the biggest results!!