Back To Basics Of Fat Loss

Basics Of Fat Loss

Here we are!  Just like that, summer wraps itself up this weekend (unofficially at least).  The kids head back to school, life gets back into routine, it gets cooler and cooler at night and weight loss goals take centre stage.

September has become the new January in the health and wellness world, and I totally get it.  We just spent the last 8 or even 12 weeks enjoying patio weather.  Lots of weekend get togethers, weddings and BBQ's.  With them those not-so-great-for-our-body food choices, cocktails and and of course desserts like ice cream and butter tarts (darn those delicious road side stands) have left us feeling less than amazing and our jeans a little tighter than they were back in April ( maybe they don't even do up anymore...whatever).

On top of that we're also gearing up toward the dreaded holiday season.  You know, where MORE reasons to eat the food that makes us feel (and look) like crap PLUS seeing family that we haven't in so long and dreading those super obvious up and downs (yes...these pants DO have an elastic waistband Aunt Jean...not that it's any of your business) have us dreading October & November before September even starts?

Honestly, I get nauseous even THINKING about it, because that was my fall and winter every single year from the time I was about 18 until I was 28.  Seriously.

 And the worst part for me was that from September we've only got 4 months until we hit January (with all the fun stuff in between I just mentioned).  I used to DREAD making the SAME resolution because it meant that I had gone a whole year and I had failed miserably at the one thing that I should be able to control.  The one thing that it seemed everyone else had a handle on but me.   It felt like January pointed out every single one of my shortcomings, and so I would give anything to change that narrative.

It seems fitting then, that my big win with food actually started in September.  When I FINALLY figured out how food and blood sugar and hormones all came together for fat loss and drastically changed my way of eating I did it in September.  

I remember being so nervous for Thanksgiving....could I stay away from all the sugar?  All the foods that I knew spiked insulin and made me fat?  Funnily enough, it wasn't even hard.  By then I'd seen so much progress that I didn't even want them. blood sugar was balanced and that made the cravings not even a thing.

I remember seeing family at Christmas that year and jaws dropping.  

I remember that feeling like it was yesterday.  I remember toasting on New Years and for the first time not being sad.  It's amazing how much power we let our weight have over every other aspect of our lives, isn't it?  But anyway...I'm getting off track.  

So with all that being said, it's no wonder that September has become the new January.  I get it.  Now you know WHY I get it.

So over the next few weeks, my goal is to get back to basics.  To help you figure out where to start and how to approach this whole fat loss thing from a new perspective.  One that actually makes sense and keeps you sane (and lets you drink wine...).

The video below is what I consider the basics.  If you've got time, give it a watch.  if you don't I'll try to sum it up.

  1. Fat loss & fat storage are dictated by hormones, not by how many calories you eat. To keep it simple, Insulin is your fat storage hormone and Glucagon is your fat burning hormone. These hormones are counterparts which means they are like a seesaw: when one is up the other is down.

  2. Macronutrients are fat, protein & carbohydrates. These are your real food groups. All food is made up of one or a combination of two or three of these.

  3. The macronutrients digest completely differently and therefore affect blood sugar completely differently. This changes whether Insulin or Glucagon is dominant and affects whether you burn or store fat.

  4. When you eat too little you can't burn fat because your body down regulates your metabolism is order to conserve energy.

  5. Gluten free, dairy free, natural, organic or any other random health claims thrown on a label have no bearing on whether a food is good for fat loss. Oreos are gluten and dairy free (they're actually vegan). They spike insulin and make you store fat like crazy.

  6. Health foods are not necessarily fat loss friendly foods. It's important to make this distinction.

Okay!  That's it!  Those are the BASICS of what I think you need to know to hit the ground running in September.  Want to go deeper?  Save your seat at my upcoming free Webinar below (click on the banner).

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Xx Laura