Is Coconut Oil Healthy? Here's What I Think

Is coconut oil healthy

You've probably read the articles by now, or at least seen the headlines with the rest of the wellness world: “Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy. It’s Never Been Healthy” is pretty hard to miss.  

It's completely sensationalist.  It's attention grabbing.  It's also totally misguided.

It's one more thing that creates total confusion around food, and it's super frustrating because it seems like we just can’t get it together enough for everyone to get on the same page on what exactly are healthy foods.

I get it. It IS super frustrating. But here's the deal: nutrition science is inexact. You can't isolate a group of people, only feed them specific foods (in a vacuum where no other disease risks exist) and then get perfect results. Nutrition science relies on things like correlation and self reporting and people living in societies where there are about a million other disease risk factors that can't be controlled. That means there will always be conflicting science. That means that nothing is 100%. That means that you either need to read through all of the articles and pick your stance based on what resonates, OR follow people whose message resonates with you and trust them to do the heavy reading for you.

Personally, I did it the other way, the way the AHA is advising. I ate low fat, low cholesterol with an emphasis on vegetable oils. I felt like garbage. I was tired all the time, I was fat and inflamed. I switched to high fat. I lost the weight I needed to. I got my energy back. I'm not inflamed. For me it's a no brainer.

I think it's obvious where I stand on this issue, so here are my thoughts on the now infamous article:

1. There is no magically new study here or even any new info. It's just the same stuff the AHA has been putting out there for decades, just a new report on the studies.

2. Coconut oil increases HDL: this is good.

3. Coconut oil decreases triglycerides which is also good (more important IMHO).

4. Vegetable oils create inflammation (not good). This is linked to heart disease. The AHA promotes vegetable oils instead. What?!

5. Cholesterol is not a valid predictor for heart disease. Actually. There are great studies out there that show reducing cholesterol had NO SIGNIFICANCE in preventing cardiac death. None.

6. The AHA actually has had their symbol and therefore approval on Cocopuffs cereal. Actually. They would rather you eat Cocopuffs chocolate cereal than coconut oil. I mean….

That's it. I can't waste more time replying to this. It's industry led and nothing new-just a recap from the other side of the argument. 

For me and my family I'll be keeping healthy doses of coconut oil in my diet, and I won't waste any more of my time on sensationalist headlines from organizations with a whole lot of money invested in promoting the vegetable oil & grain industry.

Excuse me while I drink my coconut coffee and make another batch of fat bombs for the freezer ;)

Xx Laura