What The Heck Is Candida & Is It Making You Fat?

Candida & Weight Loss

Candida.  It's kind of a buzzword, but you know exactly what it means?  I definitely did NOT before I sat down with Justine of Dandelion Holistic Healing in this expert interview.

Turns out Candida is a yeast overgrowth (bleeeeeech right?) and it goes waaaaay beyond the dreaded yeast infection.  Candida can also be behind digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, sugar cravings and more.  Basically-all of these underlying factors to weight gain and the inability to lose can have roots in a Candida overgrowth.

That means, figuring out if it's a problem for YOU is going to be super important to your weight loss results.

In this video Justine breaks it all down for us, making it super easy to understand if Candida is an issue, and exactly what to do about it if it is.

One of the biggest Candida feeders?  Sugar!!!  So if you're concerned about Candida, make sure to download my new FREE guide: The Ultimate Guide To Low Sugar Wine (below the video).

More about our expert: 

Justine MacDonald is a Holistic Health Practitioner that specializes in working with allergies and hormones. She is passionate about helping people heal themselves through overcoming Candida and Adrenal Exhaustion which both can play a role in these areas. www.dandelionholistichealing.com