How To Get Back On Track After A Vacay (or How To Start)

getting back on track with weight loss

Okay...truth time.  Do you know what the HARDEST part about starting a new 'diet' or way of eating (WOE) is?  It's not the different foods, or being hungry (although that's a warning sign that this new WOE may not be the best call) or having to prep or meal plan.  It's what comes before all of that: actually starting. 

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Often we spend so much time analyzing, worrying about how difficult it's going to be and waiting until after some event, that just starting is the biggest obstacle.  It shouldn't be.  Imperfect action takes the prize every time over perfect avoidance.  You may not stick to it 100% at the beginning and that's totally fine.  You may get a little off track.  Also totally fine.  You'll also get on track a hell of a lot faster than someone who hasn't even started yet.

Okay.  Now that that's been said, what happens if you've been following a plan for a little while (or a long while), you're seeing results (amazing), and you take a vacation?  For most people, myself included, vacations are mainly about delicious food, cocktails and a break in routine.  How do you get back into the swing of things after taking that vacation?  

The answer?  It depends on your personality.  Are you an all or nothing kind of gal or do you like small steps?  DO you take things to the extremes or stay in the middle?  Your answer to those questions dictates the strategy I think you should take.

Strategy #1 The Extremist

You need an all or nothing approach to get back on that horse.  The level of all or nothing depends on how long you've been eating this way and your overall health.  The most 'extreme' and effective way I find of getting back on track is a fast day.  After a vacation (or a particularly crazy weekend) I start my first day back with a Supercharged Coffee (coffee+coconut oil+collagen protein powder+coconut manna).  You can also do this with tea.  Then, I find I'm usually good for the rest of the day.  I drink a TON of water and then have a fairly normal dinner.  The next day, I'm usually feeling great and right back into routine.  

If fasting doesn't work for you, a modified version is just as good.  Do a soup and smoothie day.  Have a smoothie for breakfast & lunch and a bowl of soup for dinner.  Repeat for a few days if you feel like you need it.  It gets your mindset away from vacation mode and back into real life mode so much faster than trying to just jump from one way of eating to another.  

Strategy #2 The Moderate

Okay, you're more of a slow and steady kind of gal.  No worries.  We can still do this,

The best way I find of getting back into routine for this personality type is small steps.  Day 1 have your regular breakfast.  That's it.  Give yourself permission to eat whatever you want the rest of the day if you're still stuck dealing with vacation mindset.  The next day go back to your regular lunch.  Give yourself permission to have the dinner you're craving.  The next day, make it a regular dinner too.  You can even space these steps 2 days apart so it takes a full week.  No worries.  There is no right or wrong here, because this is eating for real life.  We're not talking a time crunch diet, it's just getting back into the swing of things, and if it takes time that's totally fine.  Let it take all the time it needs!  

Regardless small steps are key here so you don't feel overwhelmed and just give up every time you 'slip up'.

Hopefully these two strategies will be super helpful next time you come back from an amazing & food filled vacation!  

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Xx Laura