The Top 3 Reasons You Diet Fail...And How To Make It Stop

diet failures

So. Many. Failures.  

If you've been playing this diet game for more than a little while....and if you're here I'm guessing you've most likely been through more than your fair share of failures.

*if you'd rather watch the video, it's below

You may think there's only one common theme with all of these #dietfails, and that theme is you not having enough willpower to actually stick it out.  

And while that may be true in a way, I want to be very clear about something: willpower will never win against hormones or blood sugar.  If you're constantly finding yourself relying on willpower, you're setting yourself up to fail.  Willpower is a finite resources.  That means you'll always hit the point where it runs out.  When it does, there goes the diet!  

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Now obviously there are other factors besides willpower that lead to #dietfails, so here are my top 3 PLUS what you can do about it to make it end:

1.  The All Or Nothing Mentality

We have to do it all perfectly or we might as well do nothing.  We've all been there.  Things can be going along AMAZINGLY well. You're on this new diet bandwagon and you're sticking to it like glue.  Then...the worst happens.  You sleep through your alarm and have to rush out the door.  You're STARVING obvi and of course nothing on the way to work is going to fit with your diet.  You have no choice.  So you grab an Egg McMuffin on the way to work with a hashbrown or two.

Well, now that you've had that fast food breakfast, when your work bestie asks if you want to grab lunch at your fave pizza place, it's easy.  You've already ruined your diet for the day so you might as well go all out. realize it's Friday.  Since you're already 'off the diet' you might as well just take the weekend and start again on Monday. 

Now, that one off breakfast has spiralled into 3 days of eating garbage.  You go into the next week feeling fat, bloated and like a total failure.  Diet Fail.

Instead of the all or nothing, try approaching every single food decision as a single moment in time.  You had to grab a fast food breakfast?  No big deal, the next meal will get you right back on track!  No single meal ever ruined a new way of eating.  It's all of the decisions happening one after another that make the difference.  Remember that.

2.  Accountability

You need someone else to be accountable to.  It's easy to let things slide when we're on our own.  We're really great at lying to ourselves.  We're really great at selling ourselves on a completely different reality when it comes to our food choices.  A lot of the time we NEED an outside person.  Someone objective who can look at what's going on and give a realistic opinion.  Also, having to check in with another person makes you SO MUCH MORE LIKELY to want to stick to your plan.  It's embarrassing to fail.  We naturally do our best to avoid embarrassment.  

Find an accountability buddy.  Pay someone.  Recruit a friend.  Make your mom or your partner check in with you.  Be accountable to another human.  

3.  Approach From A Place Of Restriction

This sets you up for failure from the beginning.  If you start off focusing on all of the things you can't have you are never going to be successful.  Period.  Full stop.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on what you CAN have.  Focus on the end goal.  All of those things will make you want to succeed.

Be realistic.  This is real life, and there will sometimes be fast food or a treat or a night out.  Nobody can eat restrictively 100% of the time, and by not allowing for this you set yourself up to have that all or nothing mindset (see #1).  You also set yourself up to run out of willpower real quick (imagine having to use it for every single food decision?).  Don't restrictively diet.  Don't limit calories or meals.  Food is what keeps you alive and it's important to remember that.

Learn how food works.  Learn the right ways to start tapping into stored fat.  If you need a hand with that join my free 5 day challenge (below).  Then you can start eating for real life, stop setting yourself up for failure and actually start seeing results!

Xx Laura