Is Stress Sabotaging Your Fat Loss? How To Tell & What To Do

stress and weight loss


The ultimate 4 letter word (I's 5). 

Experiencing stress regularly has become the new normal, it's a given.  The question isn't whether or not we're stressed, it's how stressed we are, and that has a TON of repercussions when it comes to our health and most definitely our weight.

In this video, Dr Laura Anderson talks stress, adrenals, weight loss and how it all fits together.  She also talks strategies to help manage that stress and give your adrenals a little love.  CHeck it out below!

Xx Laura

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More about our expert:

Dr. Laura Anderson is a mum of 2, Naturopathic Doctor, Health and Wellness Expert, Educator, Speaker, & Entreprenuer.  She specializes in adrenal care and stress management using a variety of treatments and techniques such as acupuncture.  She currently resides in Peterborough ON where she has a private practice and also is the Naturopathic Dr. at Trent University.

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