You Are What You Digest

digestion and fat loss

You are what you eat.  

I heard that a few THOUSAND times growing up, and I'm sure you did too.  It's a saying that I think is pretty easy to see some inherent truth to: at this point we all realize that the food we're eating has a huge impact on our current health and the shape of our body.  

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So back to the analogy.  You are what you eat.  It's all well and good to eat the right foods at the right times, but the story doesn't end there.  What if you aren't actually USING the food you're eating because you're not DIGESTING it properly?  You can spend a small fortune on groceries, but if your body can't actually break them down into their useable parts, you're literally flushing your money down the toilet.  You're also not going to see the results you're looking for, like fat loss and increased energy.

That's why this weeks' expert interview is all about Digestive Fire (that means the power of your digestion) and how to build that up.  The better your digestive fire, the more skilled your body is at breaking down food and then using it the way we want it to.  Check it out below:

More on our expert:

Toby Rae is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yogi, Nature Lover and Fermentation Nerd based in North Vancouver, BC.

Toby works with her clients one on one to reach their health goals by providing Personalized Nutrition Programs geared specifically for each clients bodies and needs. She has a down to earth, practical approach to nutrition and truly believes that even a small change can make a HUGE difference in how our bodies feel.

She also offers One on One cooking classes, pantry clean up sessions, fermentation workshops and grocery store tours in the Vancouver area.

Find her here: