This Is How Much You Need To Eat To Lose Fat

calories and fat loss

This is a big one!

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I know I spend a LOT of time talking about WHAT you’re eating (those all important macros), and that’s because they are critical to figuring out how to actually eat for fat loss.


All of that won’t make a significant difference if you aren’t eating ENOUGH (there I said it).

Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s clearly not me.  I’m trying to LOSE fat so it’s impossible for me to undereat.”

Nope.  #dietmyth

I’ve talked about calories a lot in past blog posts and live videos over on Facebook, so I’m not going to do a ton of background here, I just want to talk numbers today and what you need to be eating.

When i ran a macro challenge last week in my free Facebook group (not a member?  Join here) I got a lot of food diaries sent to me, asking for advice on macros.

What I noticed most, however, wasn’t the macros.  It was the calories, or lack of, that got my attention.

Nobody was eating enough!  I know it’s all well and good to listen to me and to like my talks on macronutrient importance and the dangers of cutting calories and all of that jazz, but in PRACTICE it’s really scary to do that.  I do get that, and I’ll admit it’s even a little scary for me.  If you’ve been fighting your whole life to keep those calories down and now I’m telling how that you have to eat more, it’s a big leap of faith.

But it’s a leap of faith that needs to happen for actual real fat loss.  Think about it.  How well has calorie counting worked for you so far?  If you’re reading this post, probably not well!  Maybe it’s time to finally accept that it isn’t you that’s failing.  It’s the calorie counting that’s failing.  So, try eating according to the guidelines I’m going to set up below and let’s see what happens.

Sample Calorie Spread

Breakfast: 300 to 600 calories

You need to be eating a big enough breakfast.  You need fat and you need protein at breakfast, and you need enough of it.  If you’re eating a hardboiled egg and some veggies, that’s straight up not going to cut it.  If you’re making a smoothie then make sure you add a ton of fat & protein so you get those calories in!

Lunch 500-500 calories

Lunch should be fairly similar to breakfast.  Fat and protein should once again be the focus.  This means if you’re bringing salads for lunch, lettuce and veggies aren’t cutting it.  You need to add some sort of protein in the form of meat, eggs, tuna, tofu or other protein rich veggies like broccoli. You also need to make sure there’s good fat with things like avocados, hemp hearts, chia seeds, olive oil etc.  

Dinner 600-800 calories

Dinner is probably the only meal you’re actually eating enough at, and sometimes even too much, because by under eating all day you’ve left yourself seriously unbalanced.  If you balance out breakfast and lunch you’ll most likely eat the right amount at dinner.

Total Calories: 1400-1900

How To Figure Out Where You Fall

This isn’t too difficult.  At the beginning just aim for at least 1400 calories spread throughout your day.  Once you’re able to do that without feeling guilty or panicked at the thought of eating too much and gaining weight, you can look to find your ‘sweet spot’.

To do that, try eating according to hunger for a few weeks.  Then, after that’s become routine, track what you’re eating a few days per week.  See what the calorie count looks like.  If you’re feeling great, with tons of energy and your calories are consistently at say 1500 that’s probably a good spot for you to be.

Sidenote: it goes without saying the quality of the calories matters most.  If you increase your calories by drinking pop or eating chips this WILL NOT work.  Try to get your extra calories in from fat and protein.  

Remember: calories are not a swear word.  Calories are just a measure of energy.  That’s it.  Just a way to measure how much energy a particular food has in order to help you power your body.  Your body needs calories to live at it’s fullest.  Remember that next time you have a mini panic attack when you realize that delicious fat & protein filled breakfast has 567 calories.  I promise, it’s worth it!

Xx Laura

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