This Super Common Health Issue Could Be Behind Your Weight Gain (and what to do about it)

Autoimmunity and fat loss


Maybe you've heard this word before.  Maybe it's totally brand new to you (it was to me a few years ago).  Autoimmunity is when your body attacks it's own tissues, and is behind everything from Type 1 Diabetes to Hashimotos Hypothyroidism to Psoriasis (among a TON of other ailments we are still discovering).

Cases of auotimmunity are being diagnosed at a staggering rate, and it has been described as an epidemic among those in the health care field.  The people mainly affected?  Women.

The good news is that autoimmunity is greatly impacted by food, and avoiding certain triggers allows the associated inflammation to go away and allows you to actually start losing weight.

Check out this expert interview (video below) with Melanie Connolly, an Autoimmune Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator and Holistic Health Coach and also the founder of The Autoimmune Sisterhood where we talk all about how to recognize autoimmunity, deal with the resulting inflammation, and help to control it with diet.

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About our expert:

Melanie Connolly is an Autoimmune Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator and Holistic Health Coach. She has lived with her autoimmune disease for more than two-thirds of her life and her journey into autoimmune health inspired her to share her passion with others. She now educates and empowers women to take control of their autoimmune disease and take back their life by focusing on positivity, nutrition & healthy lifestyle practices.