How To Manage Anxiety So You Can Actually Lose Fat

fat loss and anxiety

Have you ever experienced this:

All of a sudden it gets really hot.  You feel like your face is flushed, or your clothes are really tight.  Your heart seems to be beating faster than normal and maybe you feel a little light headed.  All of a sudden you can't get air in properly and you need to sit down. 

For so many women this is a classic anxiety attack, and it can come on out of the blue, for what seems like no reason whatsoever.  If you experience this you likely know you're experiencing it.

But what if your anxiety isn't as clear.  What if you have anxiety that manifests as constant high stress that has been going on so long it actually feels normal?  If you're trying to lose fat, you've figured out how to eat (for real) and the scale still isn't budging, you should check out this interview with Lucy Malarkey RHN & anxiety expert.  You'll learn how to tell if anxiety is your underlying issue, why it's hampering your fat loss efforts and how to turn it around.  Check it out below, and as always if you want to go deeper join me on Tuesday June 20th for my live & interactive Webinar: How To Lose Fat Without Giving Up Wine & Chocolate.

Xx Laura

More on our expert Lucy Malarky:

Lucy Malarkey is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in women’s mental health. After obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Biology/Chemistry and Graduate Diploma in Education, Lucy pursued her passion for nutrition by completing the Natural Nutrition program at CSNN.

Lucy uses a combined mindfulness/scientific approach to support women who are suffering from feelings of anxiety and /or depression. If you are hungry for life, please follow Lucy on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website at