Is Leaky Gut Keeping You Fat?

leaky gut and weight loss

It all starts in the gut.  A powerful statement, but one that's being proven right over and over again these days,

Inflammation?  Gut.  Allergies?  Gut.  Anxiety?  Gut. 

What about weight gain?  Well, it turns out that gut issues could be behind stubborn weight that won't seem to budge no matter WHAT you eat.

Since the gut is basically the first place we should look when it comes to health issues. it seemed fitting to kick off a brand new series of expert interviews I'm calling Beyond The Calories, with an expert talking all about leaky gut.  Laura Rideout is a Holistic Nutritionist and an expert in Digestion and Gut Restoration, and in this 20 minutes video we talk about what exactly leaky gut is, why it could be impacting your weight (and overall health) and how exactly to fix it!

Watch below and let me know if leaky gut is YOUR biggest issue.

Don't have time to watch the video?  No sweat: here's a handy little PDF on the main points you can download right away:

CLICK HERE for Leaky Gut in 5 minutes or less

More About Laura Rideout:

A Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, momma of 3 and founder of Wholistic Wave. Laura is an expert in Digestion and Gut Restoration and works with moms who are struggling with bloating, constipation, food sensitives, fatigue, sugar cravings and weight gain.

Laura helps to restore the Digestive System and repair the intestinal wall (leaky gut) so the body can absorb and assimilate nutrients. This will increase your energy, boost your Immune System, reduce your toxic load and will finally give you the freedom to enjoy your life the way YOU want!