Why Self Care May Be Your Missing Link To Weight Loss

I'll say this right now and get it out and into the open: "I'm a HORRIBLE example when it comes to self care".  There.  That feels better.  

I feel so guilty for taking even 15 minutes to myself during the day, because there is always so many other things that need to be done.  Between work responsibilities, family life and household chores I think we need about 36 hours in a day just to make a dent.  Maybe you feel the same?

If so, this blog post is something you NEED to watch (or at least download & read the handy 1 page PDF).  Self care expert Jenna Kelland, owner of Spark Wellness talks all about the importance of self care, it's effects on your digestive system and weight, and how to incorporate more of it in easy 30 second increments. 

If you're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted and just generally drained odds are you need more self care in your life.  Remember: putting on your own oxygen mask first allows you to help others and you can't pour from an empty cup.  Once you start really nourishing yourself, progress towards your weight loss goals comes a LOT faster.

Watch below for more really thought provoking revelations on the importance of caring for ourselves and the effects when we start to make it a priority.

And if you've got no time for video CLICK HERE for a quick 1 page PDF with the key points!

Xx Laura

More about Jenna Kelland:

Jenna Kelland, owner of Spark Wellness is a holistic nutrition consultant and educator. She works with women to help them feel happier and healthier using holistic approaches like food, supplements and lifestyle changes. She believes that self-care is essential for reaching all our wellness goals.

She is launching a self-care mini course to help women develop their personalized self-care plans  www.sparkwellness.ca/selfcare and she's offering this resource for free until the end of May 2017.

Find her at www.sparkwellness.ca