Navigating Self Image & Weight Loss

Self Image and weight loss

This is such an important topic you guys!!

We're told over and over again that we need to love our body exactly how it is, and while that's an IMPORTANT message somehow it's been twisted into feelings of shame if we're not happy & satisfied exactly where we are. 

Even mentioning the need to lose weight has become an automatic response where you'll be told "You're beautiful just the way you don't need to change a thing."

But what if you do?  What if 10 lbs makes the key difference to your blood pressure, or having the on the go lifestyle you want where you can keep up with kids or your partner?  How do you navigate this intense pressure to be thin and beautiful + the overwhelming pressure to love yourself exactly as you are?  

This is the conversation I had with Linda Vespera of Nutrilicious.  If you're struggling with body image AT ALL you need to watch this.  Linda is  a powerhouse when it comes to body image and self acceptance, and I enjoyed listening to her perspective SO VERY MUCH and learned a lot too!

Of course, following our new format, if you don't have time for the entire video now, here's a handy 1 page PDF with the key points.


Xx Laura

More on Linda Vespera & Nutrilicious

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and passionate about body image and the mind, body, spirit connection to nutrition. If you do not like who you are on the inside or you have negativity on the inside or are battling emotional CAN'T possibly work on the "outside" until you work on the inside.  She is also the powerhouse behind Nutrilicious.

Nutrilicious is about keeping it simple, realistic and recognizing that everyone is an individual; being comfortable in the body you have now; education.; having a healthy attitude about food and making gradual changes and not expecting to change a lifetime of habits overnight.


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