The No BS Reason You Gain Weight & Can't Lose It

No B.S. Weight loss

There are sooooo many theories out there on why we gain weight: our metabolism slows down as we age, it's all the toxins in our food, we're not exercising enough, we don't eat enough fruits & veggies...etc etc etc.

Honestly-most of that is excuse BS.  We gain weight because we evolved to be able to store excess energy in the form of fat during times of feast and then use that energy in times of famine.

The problem?  It's all times of feast these days and burning that fat that we stored up for famine requires our body to believe we are experiencing exactly that (and no eating less doesn't work).

Watch the Vlog this week to find out the whole reason you're gaining weight and what you can do right now to start burning all that energy you've stored for later (aka fat).

Xx Laura