Why Calories Don't Matter

calories and weight loss

It's the same story really. 

You decide you've had it with the extra XXlbs that have been hanging around since Christmas (of 2013).  You know how to lose that weight, but it's really freakin' HARD!

Watching every single thing you put in your mouth, counting calories, making sure you exercise enough to burn more calories that you're eating. Eating the boring low cal snacks...you know the drill.

There's one problem with this approach (besides how much it sucks): diets like this don't work.  Sure, you can probably lose a bit of weight this way, but it's not sustainable.  Plus, there's a reason why every time you DO lose weight this way you end up gaining it back over the next year.

Watch this week's video to finally understand once and for all why calories are not the answer to fat loss (thank the Lord!).  *watch below

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Xx Laura