Dairy & Keto


One of the biggest questions I get when we're talking about what to eat on a high fat moderate protein & low carb diet is where dairy fits in.

It's not a simple answer because different types of dairy are made up of different amounts of fat & carbohydrates.  This means that some dairy can work and others don't work nearly as well.  Everyone also responds to dairy proteins differently, meaning for some people they work just fine within the body and for others they are what I call insulinogenic meaning they spike insulin. 

As you hopefully know by now (that is if this isn't the very first blog of mine you're watched/read) insulin is our fat storage hormone and the LAST thing we want it spikes.

Are you getting why it's complicated yet?  

If you want to know more about incorporating dairy into your keto diet then definitely watch this weeks Vlog (below).  As always, if you want to know more about using a high fat diet to get results, tune into my weekly Webinar happening Tuesday at 8pm EST.  It's totally free & sign up is below.