Why 'Healthy' Eating Isn't Cutting It

keto and weight loss.jpg

I remember starting out as a Holistic Nutritionist.  I literally thought all of my problems would be solved now that I knew how to eat 'healthy'.  

I was eating a plant based, almost vegan diet with Meatless Mondays happening almost everyday.    My go to snack was whole fruit or air popped popcorn.  I bought ancient grains and whole wheat everything.  I ate salads like they were going out of style.  Basically-my nutrition was bang on.  But I STILL couldn't move the scale, I was literally exhausted all afternoon and I fought insane cravings to mow down on sugar every single night.

Clearly this healthy plant based lifestyle was NOT the right fit for me.  So I started thinking outside the box.  Meaning, maybe 'healthy' foods and foods that support energy, scale movement and cravings reduction weren't always the same thing for the same people.


I feel like it's easier to explain in person, so if you want to know more, click through and watch this VBlog explaining why 'healthy eating' and 'getting results' are not necessarily the same thing.

If you love this concept and want to learn more, why not register for my upcoming webinar on how to stop eating 'healthy' and start seeing results.  It's this Tuesday night at 8pm EST and the registration link is below.