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**Hey lovelies!  This week on the blog, I've been lucky enough to have the amazing Isabel F. William contribute a post to the site.  Isabel is a Body & Mind Balance Blogger with some FANTASTIC insight to share.  I thought this piece might help those last minute shoppers out there (like me!) get done!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!**

Whether you’re thinking of different gift ideas for an avid foodie, an extraordinary chef or someone who desperately needs all the help in the kitchen they can get, kitchen appliances and equipment are always a useful present. And with so many great ideas, you have a range of options for each and every one of your friends. Take a look at this ultimate Christmas list of kitchen equipment and take a pick for this year’s holiday presents.

A spice rack for playful aromas

For the chef among your friends, a spice rack with a collection of aromatic spices is a lovely gift that will fill your friend’s home with delicious aromas during the holidays. A rack with test tube style spices has a truly unique design in different sizes that your friend will gladly display on their kitchen counter. The collection includes different spices, such as basil, cayenne pepper, whole cumin, curry powder blend, whole cloves and others.

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A blender for the healthy one

If you have a friend who is addicted to smoothies, but doesn’t have a blender, there’s just one option for their gift. For example, you can give them a blender along with their favourite smoothie ingredients or go with an entire blender set. When browsing through different types, you should choose a high-quality one from a reliable brand to get the best value for money. In addition, pick a blender with different options and attachments, such as blender cups, food processor attachments, etc.


A personalised cutting board for slicing and dicing in style

A great way to combine the useful with the authentic is to choose a personalised gift. If you have a friend who is really enthusiastic about cooking, you can get them a personalised cutting board. Not only will they have a high-quality board for slicing and dicing, but they’ll also be glad that this gift is meant just for them.

A meat thermometer for the perfect dinner

Help your friend who’s hosting this year’s Christmas dinner by giving them a meat thermometer. Such a simple present can make their cooking and preparation a little easier. No longer will your friend have to worry about their Christmas turkey being under- or overcooked. They can just use the thermometer to check the internal temperature that should reach 70°C. Afterwards, you can all enjoy a delicious, perfectly prepared dinner.

An espresso machine for the coffee lover

For all those coffee lovers, there’s no better Christmas gift than their own espresso machine. Not only will they be able to master their coffee-making skills, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a cup of hot delight every time you visit. When choosing a design, you can opt for a stainless-steel espresso machine, which is a classic choice, or go with the latest trend of rose gold finish.

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A chip and dip set for the entertainer

A chip and dip set is yet another gift that will make your friend’s Christmas parties even tastier. This is a perfect gift for the host among your friends who enjoys entertaining their guests. The set comes with a large bowl for chips and several smaller ones for dips. They are detachable, so your friend can easily refill them without having to take the entire bowl.

A label maker for the (dis)organised one

If you have a super organised friend (or one who needs to get organised as soon as possible), there’s only one thing you can give them – a label maker. They’ll be able to give their kitchen an organised look and keep everything in its place. However, if you want to give them the gift of organisation, you need to make sure to get them the best label maker there is, such as the versatile Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo, one of the best brands on the market. No longer will your friend have to turn their entire kitchen upside down looking for a single item, because everything will be neatly labelled and arranged.

A set of beautiful mugs: a present for any occasion

There’s something about mugs that makes them a perfect gift for any occasion. Depending on your friend’s style, you can experiment with the shape and design of the mugs. For a friend who loves all things vintage, you can get a set of mugs or cups with beautiful Victorian motifs, while a set in pastel colours with a matte finish will charm any aficionado of Scandinavian design.



A treat for yourself

After choosing perfect presents for your friends, you can find something for yourself, too. If you’re wondering how to be a good girlfriend this holiday season, you can get something that both you and your partner will enjoy. For example, you can get a set of placemats for two or a wine cooler so that you can have a lovely dinner over perfectly cooled wine.

With these gift ideas, you’ll make sure that your and your friends time in the kitchen is filled with lovely aromas and superb flavours.

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