Halloween Candy Hangover?! Here's How To Cope

Halloween Candy Binge Prevention

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So today is November 2nd, and officially one of the scariest days of the year for parents, teachers and of course frequent dieters :(

The week following Halloween is basically the week of cheap candy binges.  Houses are FULL of processed, high sugar (all sugar) treats that are designed to make you fat, exhausted and craving more.  And yet they taste sooooooo good. So how on earth do you have a treat or two without going overboard?  How do you stop this week from basically setting the weight gain ball rolling for the entire Holiday season?  

I've got you covered in this post with my top 3 tips (you can scroll right to the bottom if you'd rather watch the video version).

My Top Tips To Prevent The Halloween Candy Hangover

1.  Don't approach the candy from a place of restriction.  Just like a man dying of thirst in the desert is going to chug an F-TON of water when he sees it, a human being deprived of treats is going to go a little bananas when they're put right in front of her.  Instead, set up rules or parameters around the candy. 

Rules sound restricting, but I've found then to be the opposite.  When you have rules you create freedom.  You no longer have to stress about what to do.  It no longer consumes every waking thought: will I or won't I eat candy tonight.  Instead, you just have to plan your day around the framework you've set up. 

Maybe the rule is that you get to have one of those terrible/delicious little chocolate bars on Wednesday and Friday during the week and then 2 more pieces on the weekend.  Now that you KNOW that that's the framework, you can plan your day around that by making sure you balance that cheap sugar with really nutritious, whole foods full of fat and protein.  Also, because you know you're 'allowed' to have it, the need to overeat and binge like it's your last supper goes way down.  ESPECIALLY if you follow the next tip.

2.  The second way to control those post Halloween candy binges is to make sure your body is working FOR you instead of against you.  That means you need balanced blood sugar and balanced hormones.  I talk about this a lot, but willpower will never and can never win against blood sugar and hormones.  It's just a fact of life.  If your blood sugar is unbalanced you're much more likely to lose the battle and binge eat that candy like it's 1999. 

We often approach this from the exact opposite direction that we should.  You think that since you have all of this candy in the house, and you KNOW you're going to binge it it, you should eat really lightly all day long to anticipate that and maybe lessen the effects, right? So you have coffee and maybe yogurt or a smoothie for breakfast,  You have a small salad for lunch and then make some stir fried veggies for dinner.  Perfect.  Your calories are low, and so eating some candy will be okay, right?  Except that now you've created a self fulfilling prophecy.  You see, you didn't eat ENOUGH and the low cal 'diet' food that you DID eat (trying to do yourself a favour) was fast digesting, insulin spiking, blood sugar UNBALANCING and actually increased your odds of craving sugar and then overeating.  

You're MUCH better off to eat a fat and protein filled breakfast.  Have a substantial lunch of leftovers or a salad topped with lots of chicken, fish, ,nuts, seeds etc.  Then, have a regular dinner.   If you end up wanting some candy later, the cravings won't be nearly as intense.  You'll be able to have just one piece and walk away.  Cravings are all about biology.  Set yours up to support you instead of work against you.

3.  At the end of the day, you need to recognize that while Halloween candy is fun and exciting and something you (most likely) don't have in the house all the time, it's STILL really processed junk food that isn't a great choice long term.  I like to keep the Halloween candy around for about a week.  After that, the novelty has worn off and we can recognize it for what it is.  Personally, I'd MUCH rather have some good quality dark chocolate than endless cheap chocolate bars.  I'm sure realistically you would too.  Get rid of that candy after a week has passed.  Just get it out of the house, because long term that type of treat is doing you no favours.  If you can't stomach just trashing it, try shoving it to the bottom of the freezer to pull out in a few months time OR give it away.  Bottom line: don't make it part of your regular routine.  

So that's it!  Those are my top 3 strategies to dealing with the dreaded Halloween Candy Hangover, and they've worked really well for both myself and my clients over the past few years.

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That's it for this week!

Xx Laura