Guest Post: Finish This Year In The Best Possible Way

Finish up the year in the best possible way
Hey lovelies!  This week on the blog, I've been lucky enough to have the amazing Isabel F. William contribute a post to the site.  Isabel is a Body & Mind Balance Blogger with some FANTASTIC insight to share.  I thought this piece on finishing out the year was so insightful and helpful, and basically the kick in the pants I know I need as we wind up 2017.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

So, you’ve been cleaning your house and look what you’ve found in the back of your nightstand drawer: your New Year’s resolution list. Let’s see: “I am going to lose weight” – yeah, right – in my hair maybe. Next, “I will stop partying and spend all that money on something useful instead – possibly something fitness related” – well, that Bloody Mary from last night had some celery, salt and tomato juice so…yeah… All in all, at the end, you realize that you are actually right where you were when you were writing it, and you will agree that it can be quite depressing.

However, this isn’t a reason to despair: the final months of the year are the best and usually the most common months to revise all the goals you’ve set for yourself the previous year. Don’t worry, you still have time!


1. Improve your habits

If you have a certain bad habit that bugs you or people around you, whether it is being late constantly, eating a lot of junk food or maybe even staying up way too late every night which results in being really cranky in the morning, do your utter best to change that habit however you can. This way, you will enter the new year with a totally fresh approach, feeling a lot better about yourself, and people around you will appreciate you much more.

2. Make a list of the best things you did this year and accept the failures

Even though it always seems like it went by in a second, a year is actually a pretty long period. It is long enough to make us forget all of our triumphs and accomplishments throughout. To prevent that from happening, sit down and make a list of every tiny and meaningful victory of yours in the past year. You will be amazed and surprised by all of those tiny specks that, combined together, create a whole mountain of achievements. Never forget to be proud of yourself.

However, making it through the entire year without even a tiniest failure is basically impossible. But rather than dragging that baggage into the new year, have the audacity to let it go before this one ends. It is okay to fail sometimes – accept it. You can’t fight new battles if you are still in war with the past – and there are so many new battles waiting to be won.

3. Visit the doctor

Health anxiety is a bad burden to carry into the new year with you. Visit your dentist, gynecologist or urologist, your GP, and maybe even pay a visit to your psychologist. Make sure you are healthy and ask if there is anything you could be doing better, so you can change a few things before the new year comes.


4. Recharge

There is so much more to recharging than just getting those few hours of extra sleep. To fully rejuvenate, make sure you take a break from your current busy routine and take some time for yourself. Plan a spa weekend with your loved one, go for a long walk by yourself, curl up into a blanket and read your favorite book while sipping some Pinot Noir – whatever helps you relax and enjoy yourself the most.

5. Take care of your skin

Nobody wants to enter a new year with skin that is in bad condition. Not to mention that during winter, not only does the percentage of moisture in our environment drops, but the wind blows the remaining moisture away as well. When our skin gets better, our mind gets better as well, because we are looking at our prettier selves in the mirror. This is why you have to make sure you use only the best skincare products that are loaded with moisturizing ingredients as well as an SPF.


6. Pay attention to your diet

And of course, the inevitable part of this whole story – nutrition. The story is actually similar to the story about skin: when you eat better – you will feel and look better. Ditch your bad eating habits such as midnight snacks, greasy foods, candies, sodas and fast food, and focus on eating more healthily. Instead, focus on healthy fats, proteins and amino acids, green vegetables, cooking your own meals etc.


7. Know what you really want

Think, when was the last time you asked yourself: How can I be happier? Sit down, take a piece of paper and write down what you want your life to look like and what can you do to achieve that. When you are happy with your life, you are more likely to take on challenges and face your fears – after all, happiness leads to success.   

Maybe you won’t be needing that NYR list for the upcoming year after all?


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