My Favourite Things

My Favourite Products For Fat Loss

I get asked about which products I like to use A LOT.  There is so much out there, and because of my job I get to try a ton of different products every month, so I can tell you my very favourite ones.

Now before we start the whole product/supplement talk, let's be real.  You don't NEED any specific supplement to hit your goals.  If adding supplements just doesn't fit your budget right now, NO BIG DEAL.  You can still make HUGE changes with food alone (I know....I've done it).  That being said, supplements can help speed things along, or they can make your life easier while you're making the changes.

I've just recently opened up a new page on my site called My Favourite Things, and I'll update it as I discover more things that I love, so you can think of this post as kind of a kickoff party for that!

It's important to know how to do your research when it comes to supplements.  Just like anything, there are amazing supplement manufacturers, and there are shady ones.  Obviously we are looking for the former.  One of the best places to do some research is, of course, the Google.  Type the company's name or the name of the product + reviews and see what comes up.  Reviews on Amazon can be a goldmine for information on everything from the actual product, to customer service to shipping. 

If you follow specific health and wellness people on social media you can also see which products they are recommending.  Many of us create referral relationships with products that we love and then talk about them alllll the time.  I get a ton of messages from people asking me what I think about ________.  Don't be afraid to reach out and ask the people who's opinion you trust.  If you're more of an 'up close and personal' kind of gal and less of an internet savvy human you can venture over to your local health food store and chat with the employees.  They likely have great knowledge on the brands they carry and which ones are customer favourites.  

A few general rules

  1. Don't buy the cheapest OR the most expensive option.  Generally the best options tend to be somewhere in the middle.
  2. If you're budget conscious be wary of MLM products.  They are often good or even great quality, but they also tend to be among the most expensive options.
  3. Always give new supplements some time to see if you like them.  Some supplements take time to build up in the system and create the effect you're looking for.  Make sure you read up and know exactly what that time frame is, and what effects you should be looking for.
  4. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you can buy supplements without a health professionals advice, that they can't do any harm.  Always read the warnings and stick to the doses on the label unless otherwise instructed by your health care provider.  

Now if you want to know the specific products that I'm using (and loving) right now, check out the video below OR click over to My Favourite Things.

Xx Laura