Eat Fat Be Thin

There-I said it!  Now obviously there is more to it than just that simple sentence (you know, things like how much fat you're eating, what types of fat you're eating, what ELSE you're eating, your stress levels, sleep, etc etc etc) BUT regardless, I've found it to be very true.

First of all let's call out the (very pink, very glam) elephant in the room: there's soooo many years of bad science and huge publicity calling out dietary fat for making us fat & sick.  To start the process of undoing all those years read this:

"Believing that eating fat makes you fat is the same thing as believing that eating green veggies will turn you green" -Unknown (but not me)

If you put it that way it actually sounds kind of silly right?  When you eat fat, it doesn't stay in the same form all the way through your digestive tract and then deposit itself directly on your hips.  It's broken down by your body (the same way carbohydrates and protein are) and then used by the body for fuel and building blocks (just like all food).

So what DOES make us fat?  What are the reasons that your body actually stores more fat?  Well, it's actually pretty simple.  Your body wants to burn the food you eat as fuel to keep it going.  When there's more fuel than energy being expended, that extra fuel is stored away for later use (in the case of your body, that storage form is fat).  So fat is just your body's storage locker of items it will need later on.

Dietary fat (AKA fat you eat), however, has some distance advantages that actually make it LESS likely to become that fat stored on your hips for later use.   Ready?  Here's the list of 3 reasons fat won't make you fat:

  1. Fat is the slowest to digest of all the macronutrients. What does that mean? It means that as fat is sloooowly broken down in the digestive tract it releases a little bit of stored energy at a time. Your body is usually able to use those little bits of energy for fuel before the next little bit of energy is released. Energy used as fuel = energy unavailable for fat storage! This is in direct contrast to something like a carbohydrate which is digested really quickly, releasing all of it's energy basically at once. Often, your body can't use that massive influx of energy all at the same time so it gets stored for later use (as, you guessed it, fat).

  2. Fat is satiating. That basically means that fat is satisfying. When we eat fat, we feel fuller, faster. That's because fat does a few different things for us: it gives what we call 'mouthfeel' to our foods, making us more satisfied as we eat and therefore unlikely to overeat. It also provides insane flavour (that really can't be mimicked no matter how hard those fat free diet foods try) that stops those cravings in their tracks.

  3. Fat is blood sugar stabilizing. I talk about blood sugar ALL. THE. TIME. I know this. But blood sugar is really and truly the key to figuring out weight loss. energy, the secrets of the universe....etc etc etc. Uneven blood sugar is full of highs and lows that cause us to store fat (high) and crave foods that are more likely to cause us to store fat (low). Stable blood sugar eliminates insane sugar cravings, it helps keep us in the sweet spot of fat burning (with low and stable insulin levels) and it totally eliminates the whole 'hangry' phenom.

So there it is.  Three really good, science based reasons that fat won't make you fat if you're eating the right kinds and the right amount.  What would those be?  Well, I'd say those would be topics for a future blog post!

Hope this helps get you out of the mindset of fat making you fat and into the mindset that you need to eat to balance your blood sugar, eliminate cravings and support your hormones if you want to actually lose weight.   What's good for all of those things?  You guessed it-fat!

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Xx Laura