What Exactly is Keto?

You know how much I LOVE fat right?  

It's kind of one of those things I could talk for hours and hours and hours about and never get tired of talking!

Well keto is basically my love of fat put into a perfect little dietary bundle!!!

Before I get really going let me give you a little background on what keto is (and isn't) so you're with me.  Keto (or ketosis) is an alternative fuel burning state for your body to be in.  Basically, instead of burning carbohydrates for fuel your body flips a switch and starts burning fat, producing something called ketones in the process.  

Here's the process: you limit your carbohydrate intake sharply (often to 20g a day in the beginning).  Your body's production of insulin drops and instead fatty acids are released from fat stores in the body for energy.  Some are transformed into ketones in your liver (seriously-is there ANYTHING your liver can't do?) and these ketones are then used for energy for your brain.  Pretty great, huh?

Ketones are the only thing that can directly fuel your brain in the absence of carbohydrates (which is suuuuper important).

Why This Matters

It matters big time if you're looking at weight loss.  It also matters if you're experiencing cancer, hormone dysregulation, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy or alzheimers (all found to be beneficially impacted using the keto diet in recent studies).

Here's the bottom line-burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates takes you off the blood sugar roller coaster.  Instead of eating carbohydrates, spiking blood sugar (and then insulin), storing all that energy as fat ('cause you're not working and you don't need all that energy delivered to your working muscles) and then craving MORE carbs to get your blood sugar up, you eat fat and protein (with a liiiiiiitle bit of carbs) which digest slooooowly, releasing bits of energy at a time.  You're not constantly hungry.  You don't crave foods.  Your insulin goes down and then so does fat storage.  In fact, instead of being in the fat storing mode you've been in for YEARS you're now in a fat burning mode.  Exciting right?

The Bottom Line

For me switching to a keto diet has been the best thing that could have happened to me (food wise).  

Instead of looking at a cupcake and gaining 3 lbs, my weight has been completely steady with no calorie counting, restriction or ever feeling hungry.

I get to eat delicious meals like steak and veggies, eggs and avocado, cheese and olives, etc etc etc.  I still get to have my glass of wine (watch that sugar content though!) and dark chocolate.

It's NOT a diet-it's a way of eating that that takes me off the blood sugar roller coaster.

Is it right for everyone?  No.  But then again, no eating style is.  

Keto can be the missing link when it comes to resistant weight loss.  It allows you to lose weight while feeling waaaaay better.  No hunger, no energy crashes, no frantically measuring food.

Lately, I have been choosing this diet for more and more of my weight loss clients.  Not everyone (we need to take into account things like kidney function), but definitely anyone who qualifies as able to safely take on a keto diet gets on one ASAP.

Want to know more?  I just put the finishing touches on my Starter Guide For Women Who Just Want To Lose Weight so download your copy below (don't worry-it's free!)

Xx Laura