Diets Don't Work-Here's Why

This is a really important post.  It might be the most important post you will ever read (at least from me)  And I want you to read it and really take it in and and believe what I am going to tell you in here.  Because this is for you-this is a truth you sooooo need to internalize.

But first I need to back up a little and give you some context.  September is like a January in the weight loss world.  It's basically a time after indulging all summer where we say, "OK, that's enough I'm going to lose the weight once and for all"  and many people jump on board a new diet.  And just like in January most of those diets are abandoned within the month.  And this is because......



And it's so frustrating to see so many amazing women that still honestly believe that to lose weight you need to eat less.  Let me come right out and tell you this: if this is you.  If you still believe the best way to lose weight is to diet, or cut calories dramatically: STOP.  It's like still believing the world is flat or that cigarettes aren't that bad for us.  

I'm going to say this again and again until every single woman out there hears it because it is so liberating and lets you move on with your life-

Diets are designed to fail.  

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to fat loss.  When you cut calories like a madwoman, deprive yourself of things you love (like a glass of wine or dark chocolate or <insert your fave treat here>) you aren't doing yourself any favours.  What you ARE doing is telling your body to hold onto every single ounce of fat that it can because tough times are coming up and you need to survive them.  

Seriously-we literally evolved to survive famines.  The people who could hold onto stored fat most efficiently were the genetic winners and even though our society has changed a lot (we rarely have to worry about famines) our biology has not. 

When you diet, you deprive your body of enough energy.  You will for sure lose some weight while your body figures out what's going on.  The fun stops when your body wises up to the starvation state you're putting it into.  Then it will hold onto every single fat store it possibly can so that you can survive.  Then-you stop losing weight.  This is when most people get frustrated and give up (if they've even made it this far-holy willpower).

The diet on again off again roller coaster usually looks like this:  you'll probably lose 5-15lbs and , gain back 7 after you go off the rails....lose another 4...gain back get my drift.  All the while, you are putting your body into a stress response meaning most of the fat gained back is right around your belly (stress does nasty things).  PLUS the yo yo ing is doing a number on your metabolism so much so that after all is said and done your body is going to store even more fat.  Does that make sense?  Let me know in the comments!

I'm not criticizing diets for the sake of it.  I'm not up on my anti diet soapbox with no idea of what you're going through-I've dieting over and over and over again since I was about 14 years old.  I can literally say I've done it all-Weight Watchers, low carb, high protein, Atkins, etc etc etc.  So I know that excess fat (especially around the belly) is a real problem.  It's a problem for our health, for our self mage and for our confidence.  I know that there is genuine need to lose weight and I'm not saying there isn't a way to do it.  There is.  And it doesn't involve dieting or surgery or any other drastic short term measure.

You need to learn to eat in a way that does 3 things:

  1. Balances blood sugar.  This is a big one.  Blood sugar and the hormones that regulate it (insulin & glucagon mainly) have a MASSIVE impact on fat storage.  If you can't achieve balanced blood sugar you won't be able to lose fat for good.  period.
  2. Tame those hormones.  Hormones regulate just about everything in our bodies and that includes how and where you store fat.  You need to eat the right foods to get your hormones under control and working FOR you instead of AGAINST you
  3. STOPS you from eating diet foods.  Most diet foods are prepackaged crap that are chock full of sugar substitutes which in the most recent studies have shown a DISTURBING correlation with obesity.  That means that most of the 'diet' food and drinks are actually causing weight gain.  UUGGHHHH


XOXO Laura