How To Kill That Cold!

It's here!  That super awesome in-between weather where it flips an average of 20 degrees from day to day (also known as spring here in Ontario).  And we all know what means-secret cold & flu season.  This is the time where all those stupid viruses start rearing their ugly heads again and wreaking havoc on our lives.  

Myth: Cold weather makes us sick

Fact: Cold weather keeps us inside where we are exposed to waaaaay more germy germs and therefore we have an easier time catching a bug-this is why we tend to get sick more often in cold weather.  Weather fluctuations can also make us more likely to get sick.  Our bodies have a harder time regulating body temp which can indirectly cause our immune systems to take a bit of a dive and leave us more open to getting sick

Now this past winter has probably been my families healthiest yet.  We had a few minor sniffles and maybe a quick fever or two but honestly nothing causing us to retreat into the house for days on end.  In fact, this was the first winter I've gone without catching ANYTHING.  And then it happened: I woke up last Tuesday feeling a little off.  Nothing major but tired, kinda achy (you know the drill).  I ignored it and refused to believe what was happening.  Wednesday made that impossible and I had to admit that I was SICK. Ugghhhhhhh.  So I brought out the big guns.  Thursday I felt totally human again and got on with my life and by Friday guess what?  Mission accomplished-sickness completely gone!  So how did I do it?  Read on!

1.  Nutraceuticals are your friend.  Seriously people-there are major virus killers waiting on the shelves of your local health store if you know where to look.  The first thing I do is jump on the elderberry train.  Elderberry is a serious anti-viral and it always comes through for me.  4 times a day I take some elderberry and that stuff works (also doesn't taste half bad if a little sweet).  Next on deck is Vitamin C.  I pop those little beauties all day long.  Probably to the tune of 4g or so a day.  Your body burns through Vitamin C while sick and it really helps support the immune system among other benefits.  Spread the dosing out as Vitamin C is water soluble and can't be stored by your body for later use.  I also make sure to take my regular vitamins even though I'm sick and don't feel like it-the more support your body has the better off it is!  Finally Manuka Honey is a super power and very very antimicrobial.  I make a lovely tea to sip on with manuka honey and lemon essential oil (hot water + a teaspoon of manuka honey + 2 drops of lemon essential oil).  This is especially awesome if you have a sore throat and/or cough.

2.  Essential Oils.  I am a big believer in essential oils and their amazing health benefits.  Therapeutic grade is super important here and you need oils approved for internal use-I currently use doTerra and am very happy.  Oregano oil is a super power when it comes to killing off viruses and bacteria.  I make a little cocktail every morning and afternoon and drink up to kill whatever I'm fighting.  Small glass of water + 2 drops of oregano essential oil, 2 drops of malaleuca essential oil and 2 drops of their signature On Guard blend.  Much like Buckleys-it tastes awful but it works.  

3.  Go to bed!  Seriously!  The number one immune helper is sleep so I go to bed pretty much right after the kids do and try to sleep at least 9-10 hours if I'm fighting something.  Getting regular sleep is also important to prevent getting sick in the first place among many other bonuses.  Aim for at least 7-8 hours a night on a normal night and the 9-10 if you are sick or recovering.

That's it!  Seriously!  I've developed this routine through trial and error and it hasn't let me down yet.  So save these tips & next time a cold or flu comes a knockin' give one or more a try! 

Do you have your own secret flu fighting weapons?  

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XOXO Laura