The 3 Things You Don't Know About Weight Loss

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening...)!

This blog post idea actually came from a client of mine!  As we were wrapping up our sessions she said this: "how do people lose weight without someone like you? I'd be screwed!".  Did I mention she's one of my favourite people?  LOL

But seriously-all joking (and tooting my own horn) aside, the answer is really sad: they don't.  Research tells us that.

Studies show that the vast majority of people (mostly women) who lose weight on a diet gain it all back within 5 years.  This is why the diet industry alone is worth BILLIONS.  If it actually worked, there would be no money in it.

What works?  Learning how to actually eat so you can tune out the media crap, stop buying into diets, pills and potions and actually feel good.

That's why I put together this list.  So you can start learning how to eat and stop dieting and feeling like crap.  Here are 3 things you don't know about weight loss:

  1. The less you eat, the slower your metabolism moves and the less weight you lose. What does this mean? It means that even if you have willpower made of steel you STILL won't lose weight long term on a diet (and keep it off). Here's what happens: you cut calories drastically. Sure, you'll lose weight right away as your body turns to stored energy (fat) instead. But your body is SMART. So when you keep your calories low, it senses danger! Starvation! We did not evolve to die in a famine-we evolved to SURVIVE. How do you survive a famine? By using less energy for basic functions! So your body basically slooooooows down to accommodate the lower energy intake. That means it burns less calories doing basic tasks and you will stop losing weight. The scary thing? This metabolic slowdown has been shown to persist for YEARS for frequent dieters (The Biggest Loser contestants are an example of this). Learning: dramatically slashing calories is NOT the way to go!

  2. Hormones are responsible for either fat burning or fat storing. It's not a 'calories in vs calories out' equation (at least not completely). There are many hormones that play a part in how your body processes the food you eat. Some of these are: leptin, grehlin, insulin, glucagon, and cortisol. Don't worry this isn't a science lesson so I'm not going to go any more sciencey than that. To simplify it-some hormones are responsible for hunger, while others tell you to stop eating. Some are responsible for fat burning and some are responsible for fat storage. Which hormones dominate depends on MANY different factors like food, lifestyle factors, stress, genetics, blood sugar, etc. Learning? You can't lose weight if your hormones aren't working for you (no matter how little you eat).

  3. Fat doesn't make you fat (or stop weight loss). Fat is DEFINITELY not the devil (and it's one of the reasons so many diets fail). Fat is responsible for manufacturing hormones (see #2: you can't lose weight without taking care of your hormones). Fat is also responsible for making you feel full after a meal. When you cut out fat, you generally eat MORE (because you don't feel full). You also tend to overeat on sugar. All of those fat free options? The reason they taste good is because they're full of sugar! Sugar gives you unstable blood sugar and causes your hormones (insulin) to store fat. Learning? Fat is your friend, remember that!

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet so you get the point.  What is the point?  STOP DIETING!  Stop falling for the crap out there that's making you eat less and feel horrible.  You shouldn't need willpower or deprivation if you'r trying to lose weight.  

If you want help email me.  If you want to go it alone start Googling.  There's always a way: it's just NOT the way you've been taught up until now!


Big love

Xx Laura

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