Feel like hormones are ruining your life?

Guess what?  It's not only teenage boys who are completely ruled by hormones.  Almost every system in your body is told what to do and when to do it by hormones.  That includes when and how fat is stored!


Have you ever noticed that fat around your belly is the hardest to lose?  Or maybe for you it's your thighs where those extra pounds make a home and don't ever want to leave.  


The truth is fat storage isn't totally random, and if you can achieve some hormonal balance, it's a lot easier to get rid of your own stubborn areas!


Lets talk about belly fat first-since it tends to be the most hated type (for pretty obvious reasons).  I'm going to keep this a really simple overview (hormones are crazy complicated) so you get the idea of the problem and how you can start solving it!  

Belly fat is ruled by your stress hormones (mainly cortisol).  When you are long termed stressed (or your body is) your body is constantly stealing energy it has stored up (in the form of sugar) to deal with the stress.   Then it actually starts re-storing the energy in the form of FAT around your belly (because you don't need any extra energy for the flight or fight response-your stress is mainly emotional).  


This type of fat is the most dangerous (you know chronic stress isn't a good thing....) so you want to get it handled.


What can you do?


First of all you need to get that stress under control.  Meditation, yoga, journalling, all of these things can help.  Pick one and devote 10 minutes a night to it.  There are free apps for your phone to make it easier. Heck-try one of the super trendy adult colouring books if you want!  Anything that will chill you out is great by me.


Then, lay off caffeine as much as possible (caffeine is really hard on your adrenals & they rule the stress response).  Cut down on the coffee, eliminate the pop and DEFINITELY don't touch an energy drink with a 10 ft pole


If you're an exerciser you might want to lay off running until you've got this under control (running has been shown to increase cortisol) and try yoga or pilates instead.  Sorry Crossfit folks-you're in the same boat.  Get your stress under control before you attempt your next WOD-otherwise your body just can't handle it.


Finally, look at adding some adaptogens into your routine.  Adaptogens like Maca are amazing for helping your body deal with stress and minimizing it's impact on your life!


If fat storage around your hips and thighs are more your issue, you want to look closely at estrogen (estrogen is responsible for sex specific fat like hips, thighs and breasts).  


A lot of the time, we are making the right amount of estrogen but what we're making isn't getting cleared by the liver in time and actually ends up cycling back through your body, increasing your total estrogen and wreaking havoc on a ton of different areas!


You can focus on loving your liver (helping the detox process along) by adding in things like dandelion greens to your salad, milk thistle (great as a tea) and lemon juice in your water each morning.  


You can also try the below detox drink each morning as soon as you wake up then wait 30 minutes before having breakfast.  Do this for a week out of every month for best results


1 cup of warm water

The juice of one lemon

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (or to heat tolerance)

1 tsp maple syrup


What do you think?  What are your hormones telling you?  Hit reply and let me know!