Why It's NOT all about calories (you've been doing it wrong)

I bet you love what you’ve heard from me so far, and wish you could believe me but have that sinking feeling deep down.  I mean, the idea of actually eating foods that you thought were the devil, having treats and actually eating fat again while losing belly fat probably sound amazing but maybe a little too good to be true-amiright?


I totally get it.  It’s hard to shake the traditional way of doing anything, and food and weight is emotional which makes it even harder.  It also makes sense-the more we eat the bigger we get.  The less we eat the smaller we get.  Eat less and weigh less.  These are simple concepts and they make us feel like we can control our body and our weight.


Except we (you) can’t.  At least not for long.  Our bodies are wayyyyyy too complicated for something so simple to be the truth.


Yes-calories are a measure of how much energy is in a certain food.  The more calories in, the more you need to be able to use that energy or else it’s stored as fat.  But calories are also not created equal so 100 calories from your favourite cracker is treated very differently by your body than 100 calories from an avocado.  


You see-calories don’t rule fat storage.  Picture a little engineer running a train engine taking in all the fuel (calories) he needs to run the train (your body) and sending the rest away for storage (as fat).  That’s what you picture when you picture adjusting your food intake to adjust your fat storage right?  


Well unfortunately we don’t work like that.  Instead we have hormones.  And man are hormones complicated, and picky, and ruled by things like fat intake, stress levels, exercise type, liver function, sleep quality and about a hundred other factors that are in & out of your control.  


Now picture a team of qualified engineers who are running a high tech super complicated engine that needs things like proper oil, the right type of fuel, the proper temperature, and all the other things an engine needs.  Instead of just chucking fuel in and storing the rest away these engineers are picking and choosing what KINDS and how much fuel they need based on the moment and they are also deciding what to store for later (fat), what to keep close by in case they need it and whether to slow down the engine when fuel supplies are limited or to burn what’s already stored (whether to slow your entire metabolism to conserve energy or keep blasting on).  


These are the kinds of decisions your hormones are making second by second.  So you can see that yes, the amount of fat storage you have is related to taking in excess food, but it’s also related to what TYPE of excess food you’re taking in and how fast the engine is running at that point.

The moral of this little story/analogy?  Calories do matter-but they don’t matter as much as the TYPE of calories.


Having a general idea of the amount of calories you personally need in a day to either maintain your weight or lose weight is a good thing BUT it’s not the secret to magic weight loss.  


The secret is making your hormones work for you by choosing the right foods.  When this happens your blood sugar also stays steady, which means you don’t crave all that processed junk food we love so much, and it makes it a lot easier to take in the right amount of calories without feeling deprived.  


What I’m saying is that by choosing the right foods, you make it so you don’t need to watch your calories, because you don’t have the sugar cravings, your hunger cues are able to work properly and can actually listen to your body.

Make sense?  I hope so!  

I’m wrapping up this little post by saying this: trust me.  I’ve completely got your back in this and I promise I won’t lead you astray.  I’ve done the research, I’ve put in the years AND I’ve put in into practice with myself and with my clients.  My way of doing things works MUCH BETTER than what you’ve tried (and failed at) in the past.  So stop being afraid of fat, stop counting your calories and start eating real food.  Yes-there’s a bit more to it than that (otherwise I wouldn’t have a job) but that’s where you need to start.


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