Do carbs really make you fat?

Do you have a hard time losing weight?  Do you store all your extra pounds right around your middle?  If you don’t eat often enough do you get cranky, extra tired and even shaky sometimes?  Do you crave chocolate, chips and wine (especially at night)?

If you answered yes to more than one of those questions, odds are you are carb sensitive to some degree.  And just knowing that can make a HUGE difference in how you approach eating PLUS it will stop the diet failure cycle for good!


What does carb sensitive mean?


It basically means that you were right all along.  Everyone does not process food the same way.  There is a reason why your super thin friend can constantly eat (and I’m not talking veggies ticks and salad), never works out and stays the same weight while you even LOOK at a doughnut and gain 3 lbs (even while running every morning and doing Crossfit 3X a week).  


The relationship between the carbohydrates you eat and how your body processes them decides how much fat to store, and where to store it.  Factors like insulin sensitivity, stress levels, digestive speed and just good old genetic make up all play a part (which is why carb sensitivity usually runs in families).


The more carb sensitive you are, generally the faster you process carbohydrates after you eat them, the more insulin your body secretes and the more fat you store around your middle.  When you add in high stress levels you store even more fat.


What can you do about it?


For one you can start re-evaluating what you’re eating.  Generally the more carb sensitive you are, the less carbohydrates you should include in your everyday diet.  This is especially true when it comes to simple & processed carbs like white sugar, white bread, white rice etc.  


I’m very carb sensitive.  Finding that out was one of the best things that ever happened to me.   I was textbook-I needed to eat regularly or I felt TERRIBLE (if you keep snacks in your purse this is a warning sign).  I gained weight very easily (and always had a hard time losing it again).  I ONLY gained extra weight right around my middle.  And my favourite foods: chocolate, wine, popcorn, pasta and starchy veggies like butternut squash.


By understanding that little piece to my own personal puzzle I was able to really limit the amount of carbs I ate in a day and start seeing a HUGE difference in my mood, energy and ability to lose excess weight.  The best part-I don’t crave carbs anymore.  For me it’s not a ‘diet’ that I’m going to give up at some point.  I’ll never look at carbs the same way because that’s not what works for me and my body.  Don’t get me wrong-I still drink wine and I still have my dark chocolate BUT I don’t reach for a sandwich anymore for lunch, or have pasta on the regular.  If I’m going to have a treat I go high fat instead of high sugar.  Little decisions like that add up and before you know it you’ve got big changes happening.


I use the same approach with the carb sensitive women in my practice, and I never get tired of seeing the excitement when results start to happen.  Weight loss when weight loss has been almost impossible, energy in the afternoon, less and less reliance on coffee to get through the day.  It’s amazing how listening to your body actually works-sometimes you just need a translator!


If you think you might be carb sensitive download my Starter Guide For Women Who Just Want To Lose Weight below and get started right now!

Xx Laura