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I'm Laura

I'm so glad you found your way here!  I'm Laura, a Mom of 2, nutrition obsessed wine lover & founder of the Lavish Method where I teach women who just want to lose weight a simple way of eating that doesn't involve giving up wine or chocolate. 

My mission is simple and it's something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about:  I want to end the calorie myth, restrictive dieting and teach a better way of fat loss (because it totally exists).

When I started my career I thought that I NEEDED to have a plant based almost vegan diet to be credible and healthy and thin in this industry. So I ate that way.

Guess what? I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I battled my weight DAILY and tried to use willpower to avoid the foods I knew were bad for me (like wine and dark chocolate).

I was eating 'healthy' food all the time, but I was frustrated and still didn't FEEL healthy. Maybe you can relate?

The rabbit hole of research + trial and error led me to where I am today, teaching thousands of women how I finally conquered the cravings, lost the fat and actually felt GREAT daily while having my nightly glass of wine  and how they can too :)

Oh, and as I mentioned, I'm also the proud mama of two AMAZING little humans as well as proud wife to a pretty cool (and veeeery understanding) husband.  

When I have free time I pretend to love gardening (but mainly kill each and every plant I touch) and actually love cooking (and eating).  I also tend to dance around the kitchen to bad Top 40 songs daily.

Oh, I almost forgot: if the letters after your name thing is important to you, I currently hold a BScH in Biology from Carleton University, my R.H.N. designation from The Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition and I'm Pn1 Certified from Precision Nutrition.